Our service is not in vain, but free of charge for our customers if the claim is successfully recovered.

In all other cases, we charge our intensive services cost-effectively – fair prices (analogRVG) and clear pricing are a matter of course for us.

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Price example:

 Your claim: € 10,000,-. If the debtor has his registered office in Germany and does not dispute your claim, we offer you the following pricing:> Pre-court

dunning procedure (telephone collection, letter of formal notice, etc. ä.)
> court order for payment procedure (preparation of rem

inder notice)* Variant 1: If the debtor pays the total claim in full, we will charge you:        

   € 0.00 The case remains completely free of charge for them!

* Variant 2: If the debtor does not pay at al
l and you want to take the case prematurely in the out-of-court proceedings (i.e. no judicial

   order notice), we will only charge you € 54,- (+ VAT) Expense lump sum.

  Nothing more!

The court fees for a possible in this case, the court order for payment to be drawn up is €
120.50. (

All price information is exclusive of VAT; Legal costs (excluding VAT) for order for payment order procedures must be submitted)

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 We do not use representative office space and a large sales base.

We are happy to pass on the resulting cost savings to our customers.